TEMPO.CO, Jakarta: In commemoration of World Ianfu Day, an art exhibition entitled The Visual Book of Ianfu has been held at Cemara 6 Gallery, Central Jakarta, 9-23 August 2016. The exhibition is organized by the Indonesian Ianfu Committee along with author and independent researcher on Indonesian comfort women showcasing art creations created by 12 local artists. The art work displays the suffering of Ianfu during the Japanese colonization Ianfu is a Japanese euphemism for prostitution that literally translates to comfort women, which is more commonly used today. The collection provide a powerful account of the silent (or forgotten) victim of war, women of all kinds coerced into fulfilling the sexual need of the Japanese Imperial troops in World War II. During the Japanese colonization, the Javanese referred Ianfu as cah nakal meaning naughty girl. Many thought that the girls and women voluntarily became comfort women, in fact they were tricked into thinking they were given a decent job. But many were kidnapped and coerced to satisfy the sexual needs of the Japanese troops. The art installation forges an imaginary bridge between history and viewers, providing a powerful connection and clarification of the atrocities inflicted upon the comfort women. The artists have successfully narrated the darkest legacy of our history.Video Journalist: Dewi KiranaVoice Over Talent: Dewi KiranaMusic: "In Despair" by JewelBeat