TEMPO.CO, Jakarta: Fashion designers, Restu Anggraini, Teritia Enda, and Rani Hatta, collaborated with Ai Syarif, creative advisor of the Jakarta Fashion Week for an evening of fashion in the 'De Salon' talk show event at the Dutch Cultural Center Erasmus Huis in Kuningan, South Jakarta on Thursday, 25th of August 2016. The event, opened by Erasmus Huis director Dr. Michael Rauner, discussed the relation of fashion and culture. In his welcoming speech, Rauner stated that fashion is part of our culture and an expression of our identity, while adding that fashion is a form of communication that channel emotions and demonstrates a sense of belonging.Designers Restu Anggraini, Teritia Enda and Rani Hatta, together with Ai Syarif, creative advisor of the Jakarta Fashion Week, shared tips and advice on fashion for active and modern women. They discuss unique ways of mix-and-matching the perfect outfit for career women. On the business side, Anggraini, Enda, Hatta, and Syarif agreed that the fashion industry holds great business opportunities. Even the medium-scale local fashion industry has an estimated value in the billions of rupiah.As a successful designer and business owner, Restu Anggraini expressed her concerns towards most womens apparel choices. She stated that fashion is an expression of an individual, and that every person has the right to express their identity freely.Video Journalist: Dewi KiranaVoice Over: Dewi Kirana